Table et banc AREAL : Broberg et Ridderstråle pour Nola

Inspirés par la topographie et les vues aériennes de paysages agricoles, le studio de design et d’architecture suédois Broberg & Ridderstråle a imaginé pour l’éditeur Nola, la table et le banc AREAL : du mobilier d’extérieur ou d’intérieur en métal bleu ciel perforé.

About :  As their name suggests, the Areal table and seating are inspired by topography. The tabletop and seat mimic the landscape, crafted from a series of laser-cut metal panels, powder-coated in light blue, shaped to resemble fields of crops when viewed from above. Each of the panels is shaped individually and perforated with holes that catch light and cast shadows. The frame and supports are constructed from sheet iron, providing a stable, freestanding base. The table is made in a variety of shapes and finishes for use both outside and indoors.

Photos © Nola

+ Via Broberg & Ridderstråle

“The inspiration for this table and bench comes from the way fields and agricultural landscapes looks from the above. The patchwork of perforated metal in different sizes and shapes refers to this areal view on Earth.” Broberg & Ridderstråle

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