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Gud Conspiracy : Doba lamp

Inspirée de la “doubadoura“, outil traditionnel portugais servant à tisser des écheveaux de laine, les designers Paulo Neves et Alexandre Kumagai du studio Gud Conspiracy ont créé Doba, un lampadaire échafaudé de bois autour duquel s’enroule et s’accroche le cable en tension. En vieux portugais, ce mouvement d’enroulement s’appelle doba.


About Doba : Inspired on the traditional portuguese ‘doubadoura’ (a tool used to wind skeins of wool), we create a lamp that allow us to roll up the wire around the object, making as many configuration as you want. In old portuguese the word to describe this movement is ‘doba’.

DOBA lamp
Designed by Paulo Neves & Alexandre Kumagai
Walnut or oak :: w.54cm d.70cm h.192cm

About : Gud Conspiracy is a project of the designers Paulo Neves and Alexandre Kumagai, based in Oporto (Portugal). The project was born of a long-standing friendship between them. After accumulating a large experience (Alexandre as senior designer at De La Espada and Paulo as senior designer at Alert), both decided it was time to carry out this experience on a personal project, offering interior and product design services.

Photos © Gud Conspiracy

+ Via Gud Conspiracy

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