Elio Di Carlo : Nigiri pouf

Le designer italien Elio Di Carlo a conçu Nigiri, un pouf en tissu multi-fonctions et modulable, composé de trois accessoires : une couverture de sol, une petite table basse et un dossier.

Nigiri, a transformable multi-functions pouf by Elio Di Carlo.

About : “Elio Di Carlo was born on May 22nd, 1979, in Napoli. He has studied in Napoli and Milano. He has worked for Pierandrei Associati, a design, architectural and product service system studio from Milano. He has participated in the development of various interior, product and exhibit design projects. He has exhibited his own project in Salone Satellite, Milano international furniture fair, for two years (2009-2010).

Working in Milano, he has acquired skills in product and interior design concept development, and improves his knowledge in architecture and communication strategy. He has also increased project’s skills to executive and building level and improved as 3D designer and renderer. From the 2010 he works as freelance in communication, interior, furniture and exhibit design.”

Photos © Elio Di Carlo

+ Via Elio Di Carlo + Due Amigos Project

1 Comment

  • Prof Z
    13 years ago

    Je le dis tout de go ( nigiri est lié au jeu de go) c’est un nigiri Zushi…. brillant entre le non meuble de Crasset et le Zen japonisant d’urbains

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