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mode:lina : QUOTEL

Les architectes Jerzy Woźniak et Paweł Garus de l’agence polonaise mode:lina ont imaginé un hébergement confortable et fonctionnel pour des visiteurs de la Foire internationale de Poznań. À mi-chemin entre appartement et chambre d’hôtel, Quotel propose un design d’intérieur durable et abordable combinant mobilier grand public (ici Ikea), éléments sur mesure et pièces signées.

About : QUOTEL (combination of words: “quote” and “hotel”). Architects of mode:lina have completed an apartment designed for guests visiting the Poznań International Fair. This specific customer defines the nature of this apartment – at the crossroads of hotel features and relaxed homely atmosphere.

The challenge was to use easily replaceable parts (here: IKEA) and create a space that definitely stands out among other similar offers on the market. Designers faithful to the principle of crossing-over combined catalogue elements with these custom-made to create an affordable and durable design giving the impression of tailored interior.

Photos © Marcin Ratajczak

Thank you Jerzy for this submission.

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  • Prof Z
    9 years ago

    J’eames beaucoup Je suis complétement ikeate d’admiration

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