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Jess Fügler : Jam

Brooklyn based designer Jess Fügler has imagined Jam, a sofa based on the pleasures of man, that of lounging and physical connection.

About : It addresses the pleasures of lounging with an elongated form and armrests that support the head. Inspired by the items that are always getting lost between the cushions, Jam allows you to purposefully store your objects where you want them. With a space between two cushions, one can insert objects of his or her desire or hide objects of his or her personal dismay.

While inserting objects into the sofa, Jam creates a physical connection between man and furniture. In the brief moment of sticking items into the depth of the sofa, one feels a suggestion of intimacy while the warmth of the fabric offers assurance in keeping one’s items safe.

inevitable lost objects … and initial sketches

The mold for the first prototype – Materials: White Oak, Upholstered Plywood Frame

Photos © Jess Fügler + Cal Piorkowski

+ Via Jess Fügler

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