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Flying High and Free – A heart that longs for freedom, gives birth to new shapes and experiences, reflecting its aspiration in the elegant lines of playful “ruyi”.

Taiwanese porcelain brand NewChi presents Lighter than White, a collection of exquisite porcelain designed by Heinrich Wang.

About : Lighter than White is an interpretation of the traditional Chinese culture and philosophy in a modern context. The unique style of the collection transcends global fashion boundaries and embraces both the confidence of a new century and the spirit of an ancient civilization. Referring in his works to Chinese philosophy, legends and symbols, Heinrich Wang raises the issues of inner peace, enlightenment and self- improvement. Using the style of “Blanc de Chine” he gives back to the porcelain art its historical role in Chinese society: to reflect the style preferences and cultural tendencies of the period to which it belongs.

Ballet – The graceful poise that a ballerina masters in an embodiment of a metaphysical balance we are looking for.

Measuring the Sea – A quiet tea party with a twist: the rough shape of the pot reminds of bold passions and thrilling experiences. Just like a ride on a water motorcycle.

Best Wishes – This fruit bowl is shaped as a calabash, a Chinese symbol for positive thinking. It invites you to use it for endless variety of purposes, always staying in good spirits.

Film Script – Resembling the shape of a film, the tea set symbolizes a movie of lifetime memories.

Silhouette – The two eye-shaped objects, which form the structure of the teapot, symbolize an actual person and his virtual silhouette. With its pointy bottom, the tea cup is able to stand only when it’s laid on the saucer. Their relationships are also like a silhouette and a man – a silhouette appears only when a man exists.

Fullness – “Ruyi”, a Chinese symbol of a heart’s wishes coming true, is resting on two interconnected spheres, depicting a perfect fulfillment.

Melodious Note – From a glaringly white solid base a melodious note is born to flow up high in its purity.

The collection will be exhibited at La Triennale di Milano from 17th till 22nd of April 2012. It’s the first European solo exhibition of the artist, acknowledged in his native Taiwan and other Asian countries.

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