Design Attico : Atomizer and Nappa

From Design Attico, Italian designers Cristina Celestino and Matteo Bastoni give us a preview of two new projects that will be presented at Salone Satellite 2012 in Milan (April 17th-22nd) : Atomizer, a collection of table perfumes inspired to the period bottles of fragrances and Nappa, a suspended lamp inspired to the volumes of the Florentine tassels of trimming.


ATOMIZER table bottles

“These forms, unexpected on the table, outline a new gestural expressiveness towards food. The pouring of the condiments becomes a gentle, intimate, carefully executed rite. They are wholly made of borosilicate glass blown with the “lume” technique and are available in various combination of colours and textures.”

NAPPA lamp

“The shape, resulting from the joint of three structures in borosilicaten transparent glass, fascinates especially for the light it emits, filtered by the overlapping of the glass. The design approach reverses the decorative character of the Florentine tassel, producing a very neatly shaped object. A technical rope for regatta boats substitutes the silken torchon.”

Photos © Design Attico

+ Via Design Attico

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