Katja Hettler and Jula Tüllmann : Paper Planet

Paper Planet is a collection of recycled-paper furniture created by Berlin designers Katja Hettler and Jula Tüllmann. The collection will be exhibited at Noho Design District in New York City (May 18-21 2012).

With each project our design process begins with the choice of a signature, low environmental-impact material. We look for elements that are recycled and/or easily recyclable. We believe that designers can also make a positive affirmation for sustainability. With this years ‘Paper planet’ we worked with recycled paper rope and thin paper sheets.

The structural aspect of paper is the core of this exploration: once cut and folded, twirled and stacked, woven and knitted the paper attains structure. Thin paper layers thus turn into strong, resistant yet delicate ropes and long flat paper sheets become volume.

The Rope Chair and the Knitted Chair are relying on the techniques of traditional wicker craftsmanship. The paper lamps are following the Origami tradition. The delicately folded edges pop-up and create structure. Lit from inside they are a source of both glowing light and dark shadow.

Paper Planet floor lamp

Paper Planet floor lamp – detail

Paper Planet pendants –  large

Paper Planet pendants –  medium

Paper Planet pendants detail – medium

Paper Planet pendants –  small

Paper Planet Rope chair

Paper Planet Knitted chair

Photos © Katja Hettler & Jula Tüllmann

+ Via hettler.tüllmann


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