Slow design : Vetro collection

Nathalie Schneider and Roberto di Filitto – founders of Italian company Slow design – have imagined Vetro, a lovely and fun collection of table accessories and lighting made from recycled bottles’ glass combined with woodworking.

(above picture – Trio pot family, made from recycled glass + handturned beech top, engraved with numbers 1 -2 -3.)

Slow design uses the experience and the craftsmanship of Tuscan artisans to restore, reinvent and provide new vigour to objects while respecting the environment in which we live.

Caraffa pitcher and pot, made from recycled glass + hand turned beech top, engraved with poetry from Dante, Baudelaire and G. d’Annunzio.

Fiasco engraved pot, made from recycled glass + hand turned beech top. Fiasco is part of a Chianti Bottle.

Torcia pendant lights made from recycled glass + beech wood.

Photos © Slowdesign

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