Garde Hvalsøe : Minimal Kitchen Series

Following my previous post today, I also have to share with you these (hot hot hot!) kitchens designed by Copenhagen-based company Garde Hvalsøe. Their Minimal series is very tight and minimalist in its expression and its lines and finishes are simply impeccable.

A true inspirational feast for the eyes, don’t you think ?

Photos © Garde Hvalsøe

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  • 11 years ago

    Hi Florence,

    Thank you for your kind words regarding our bespoke kitchens.
    Since we started 20 years ago, we’ve created a wide range of various custom-made designer kitchens, in a unique Danish design.

    It is always nice to hear from others, who find our products interesting – and especially when it’s on a website regarding inspiration for interior design. So thank you for the kind words!

    Kasper Kammersgaard
    Garde Hvalsøe • Thought and Wood

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