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Sebastian Herkner for Moroso : Coat Series

The Coat series by German designer Sebastian Herkner for Moroso is inspired by an idea borrowed from the hosiery industry and the non-slippery soles used for children’s socks.

The lightweight Coat armchair and sofa come without feet yet rest steadily and firmly on the floor. The dotted prints are both functional and decorative – whilst allowing perfect floor grip, the transparent silicone pattern does not add colour but instead, tones down the fabric that merges with it like a water effect. The upholstery, a soft and supple removable cover, wraps around and dresses the seat like a snuggly blanket throw.

Coat sofa by Sebastian Herkner designed for Italian brand Moroso

Coat armchair series available in different colors – Dimensions : width 96cm / height 75cm / depth 83cm

Coat armchair featured together with Sebastian Herkner’s Bask storing baskets

Photos © Sebastian Herkner / Moroso

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