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mpgmb : Scandinavian Headboards

mpgmb_Adzif_Copenhague_Green_2013_WStockholm adhesive headboards by mpgmb. How cool! Inspired by the minimalist, yet often bold and playful, signature of Scandinavian graphic design, this collection of 12 printed vynil decals pay homage to iconic and less famous Scandinavian cities and places.

mpgmb_Adzif_Stockholm_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_Copenhague_Turquoise_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_Skagen_Black_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_Lappland_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_Malmo_Pink_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_SKagen_Pink_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_Malmo_Turquoise_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_Tivoli_2013_Wmpgmb_Adzif_Kosterhavet_Black_2013_WPhotos © mpgmb

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