Numéro 111 : Insulaire

Numéro 111 : InsulaireInsulaire is a furniture collection signed by French design studio Numéro 111, designed for the VIA Furnishing Programme 2014. Seen as an island, the living room becomes a ‘space inside space’ where furniture plays a structuring role and creates varied experiences of comfort and use.

Numéro 111 : InsulaireNuméro 111 : InsulaireThe more traditional approach focuses on the sofa. The more laid-back take is linked to floor-level living, where the central element, a rug, is accompanied by easy-grip cushions that can be positioned as needed to form headrest, back-rest or seat.”

Numéro 111 : InsulaireNuméro 111 : InsulaireNuméro 111 : InsulaireOther pieces interact with both space-levels: tables with an upper plateau that moves to serve at low or divan level, a lamp that reconfigures to serve as reading light, up-washer or standing lamp. There is also a screen that defines territory and doubles as a storage unit, the open-work parts of which serve to hang a mirror or digital devices.”

Numéro 111 : Insulaire Numéro 111 : Insulaire

Photos © VIA 2014 – Programme ameublement VIA 2014 – Colombe Clier

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