Vaulot&Dyèvre : Chevilles

VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_15Chevilles by French designers Vaulot&Dyèvre re-interpret the looks and use of screw anchors. Here, the usually insipid plastic plug becomes functional and auto-sufficient.


VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_0About – The walls of our homes are supports of fixations. Most of the time the connection between the support and the function is done by the use of reliable technical elements that are plastic anchors. After the hole is drilled the anchor is placed in it and the object is positioned, finally the screw locks it all together. The anchor plays an essential part in the cohesion of elements, working in the shadow, inconspicuous.

We propose to question the hierarchy of our walls and to consider them as a new ground of creation, of emancipation for the discreet anchor. Here the anchor grows into a function to be auto-sufficient. These various extensions become a multitude of defined functions, or functions yet to be defined in the framework of wall support. Elements are reduced to a single object, and injected into a single material . The anchor is the function, not the condition.

VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_20VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_1VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_2VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_4VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_5VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_9VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_19VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_6VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_8VaulotDyevre_Chevilles_14Photos © Vaulot&Dyèvre

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