The Standard in Copenhagen

The Standard in Copenhagen |

Located in downtown Copenhagen’s waterfront district, The Standard is the home of three restaurants and a jazz club. Together with Danish-Italian designers GamFratesi, food entrepreneur and co-founder of Noma, Claus Meyer and his partner, world famous jazz musician, Niels Lan Doky, have set out on a journey to transform the iconic 1930s Customs House building into a “new cultural and gastronomic landmark”. The space is mostly fitted throughout with beautiful Gubi furniture.

The Standard in Copenhagen |


“For the interior we wanted to create an Indian restaurant with an atmosphere heavily inspired by that era, because in Denmark, Indian cuisine is often associated with fast food. The interior design is also a play on indoor versus outdoor. To achieve this, we added a podium made of Dinesen floorboards that evokes the feeling of being on a veranda. Of course, using outdoor furniture for this part of the restaurant helped, as did incorporating trees with fragrant flowers.” — GamFratesi

The Standard in Copenhagen | Flodeau.comIt is a project that sets new standards for the Copenhagen dining scene. After an intense process, the space has now been re-born as “The Standard” – a name that pays tribute to the history of the building and also signifies the vision and ambition of its new owners. — The Standard

All photos © Gubi / by Enok Holsegaard / The Standard

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