Odoardo Fioravanti pour Casamania : Fog coffee table

Pour Casamania, le designer italien Odoardo Fioravanti a conçu la table basse Fog. Son plateau en verre dépoli translucide déforme et floute les plans colorés du piètement et brouille la perception de l’objet.

“Panes of frosted glass distort images, blurring them, like hazy filters between different spaces. The top of the Fog coffee table uses this characteristic to blur the colored planes that form its base in different ways. In this way the perception of the object conveys a sense of depth, with a colored area “suspended” inside it.”

About : “Fog is a coffee table with a frosted glass top and base in polyethylene. The etched glass distorts the images beneath, blurring them with foggy filters between the different spaces. The top of Fog uses this feature to alter the perception of the colored planes which make up its base. The vision of the object gives a sense of depth, with the colored area suspended inside.”

Materials and finishes: Upholstery: expanded polystyrene. Leatherette covering. Colors: white/grey/red; white/yellow/light blue; white/white/grey.

Photos © Emanuele Zamponi

+ Via Odoardo Fioravanti Design Studio & Casamania


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