CreativeAffairs : mobilier et luminaires

Une sélection de pièces de mobilier et luminaires imaginée par le studio multidisciplinaire catalan CreativeAffairs.

About : CreativeAffairs is founded in Barcelona in February 2010 with a shared intention to make a unique contribution to the creative world from a common activity in which various disciplines are merged. It offers a variety of services in Graphics, Products and Furniture, Interiors and Exhibition Design.

Desmos Stool

“DESMOS is a new set of stackable stools made of bent stainless steel rod designed to question the idea of bonding. The manufacturing process is spot welding, which blends both parts to fuse both sections of the material. This has been crucial to define the identity and the formal language of the object, given that the whole structure strengthens through a progression of linkages. This is done to enhance that one single action is not strong enough, but when it is followed by a sequence, it is a completely different story. The seat pan is shaped to intensify this idea of weaving.”

Annexo Lamp (prototype)

“ANNEXO is a set of lamps developed to question the principles of contextualization of objects and the choice of materials as holders of these references. The shape of the lamps are very simple and geometrical, allowing the materials to fully communicate the identity of the object. The top of the lamps are made of sandblasted blown glass and they have an area which is left clear to direct the light. There are mainly three different types of materials for the bases: turned cork, turned white carrara marble and concrete.”


Bark Chair

“BARK is an idea that came from the observation of a tree’s section, as a way of expressing the unique relationship between the outside and the inside, what you can immediately see and what truly lays within. This argument led the project to establish this special bond by making a clear division between the elements that form a chair. This partition is done in two groups: skeleton and exoskeleton. The former comprises the inner frame, which is the one that envelops the function of use. Whereas the latter include the most visible parts, which represents the symbolic function of the object, that interact immediately with the user.”

Beira Lamp

“BEIRA is a set of new lamps created to symbolize a receptacle in which both light and darkness are mixed. The whole lamp is made of very simple and geometrical shapes to allow the elements to fully communicate its identity. The vessel is shaped as a chemistry flask and it is made of clear glass. The end of the flask has a ring of frosted glass in order to keep lighting. The darkness is represented by an opaque spun metal lampshade which holds the electrical fittings. The lampshade is made of aluminium and it can be anodized in different colours.”

Osux lamps

“OSUX is a new family of lights comprised by a Table, Floor and Suspension Lamp. The idea behind this design is to enhance the cable as a conduit of lighting. The formal language is based on the idea of spinning, repetition and symmetry. The lampshade is made of anodized spun aluminium and it is shaped to contain three sources of light and the electrical fittings. It also has a disk of opalescent glass used as a diffuser. Once assembled, the lampshade can be used in the three typologies of lights. The frame for the floor lamp is shaped as a hanger and it can be adjusted in three different points, giving versatility and practicality to the object. The table lamp is formed as a tripod and it has been made as a support for the lampshade to sit on. They are both made of steel and powder coated in black.”

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