Noa Haim : Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

DIY with style ..

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater is a light shade made out of packaging paperboard, cut with a laser engraver. Product is available in plain cartoon with gold and silver interior coating = small watt can make a big light. The product is packed flat to reduce storage space in shop and easy to deliver by mail. It is simply assembled with IKEA Hemma fitting.

A: So, how do you make a light Noa?
Noa: Its very easy, look First you separate the net from the frame
A: what do I do with the frame?
Noa: you can close your eyes and imagine its Africa’s map
A: ahmm
Noa: but let’s not get too distracted and make voices of animals
Noa: We start to fold the net according to the instructions that are printed on it. When we are folding keep the side with the instructions exterior, and the side with the golden lamination interior.
A: I see
Noa: When its written fold along the line – you fold, when it is written click you insert the paper tab to the matching opening on the other side.
A: Do I need glue or screw to connect them?
Noa: NO. Its simple paper tab to paper opening – insert and click, no glue and no screws are needed.
A: and now we have a paper pumpkin like box?
Noa: Yes, but one minute, slow down before you close the last vertex – place the electric fitting in the box and then close it. The fitting can not go out of the closed box.
A: But, when I will turn the light on it will burn, isn’t it?
Noa: NO. The special geometry designed in a way that the light will never touch the paper. To be on the safe side, you can go go go to DIY shop close to your home and buy a Fire Redundant Spray. Spray it couple of times and let it dry.
A: nice, noa and how do I connect one box to another?
Noa: this I will explain you next week, now I have to run, the rabbit is waiting for me.

About : “Collective Paper Aesthetics is a Rotterdam based initiative, designing and manufacturing construction toys and household accessories. All our products are delivered in a flat level, as instructions, product and package are integrated in one surface. Peter Peter is a light cup made from packaging cardboard with laser cut. Products are available at the NAI bookshop Rotterdam, Centrum beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, schubLaden Berlin and greeen-store Paris.”

Thank you Noa for this submission.

+ Via Collective Paper Aesthetics + Felt & Wire shop

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