Qubus Studio : From This Year’s End of the World

Světlo lamp by Jakub Berdych

“The lamps make use of nostalgic products from the past, in this case 1970s lamps that stand on glass “shadows”. Light becomes glass and glass becomes light, and ultimately a kind of comic-book visuality becomes more than relevant here.”

Jakub Berdych, designer, sculptor and founder of Qubus Studio presents his most recent glass art at an exhibition with the symptomatic title “From This Year’s End of the World”. Here is a selection amongst this new collection.

Flowerpot vase by Jakub Berdych, dim. 39 x 15 cm

Updated vases by Jakub Berdych

The Updated vases make use of porcelain teapots from Qubus’s earlier output, which thanks to their black glass extensions have been given new life, just as new life has been breathed into Jakub Berdych’s art.

Still Life vases by Jakub Berdych, dim. 50 x 30 cm
Still Life plays with basic geometrical forms that have been arranged to make structured vases. In them some may sense the atmosphere of Giorgio Morandi’s metaphysical still lifes, while others may see references to monumental works by legendary Czech glass artists.


About : “From This Year’s End of the World” presents a glass collection that is coherent, yet based on diverse ideas and inspiration, opening a new chapter in the work of Qubus and its founder, Jakub Berdych. The use of black is not just about the end, but also about continuity with earlier work, and simultaneously about rejecting it and looking for new values that may be both sombre and poetic. Here glass has been subjected to a kind of violation that makes it more reminiscent of plastic or other synthetic materials. This can be seen as a response to the violation of Czech craftsmanship, and a reflection of contemporary world society. Qubus and Berdych’s work to date has always oscillated between applied and fine art, and the studio’s output has always embraced experimentation, humour, irony, sarcasm and an essential dose of satire. In Berdych’s present collection in solid black glass, the boundaries between art and design have been erased for good. The collection has taken shape gradually, with some pieces produced entirely independently. It has come out of multiple sources of ideas and inspiration that have been part of Berdych’s thinking from the start.

Photos © Michal Ureš

Qubus Studio will be present at Now! Design à Vivre : Maison&Objet (January 20-24th 2012).

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