Jesper Ståhl : No.216

Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl has created No.216, a cabinet with unique proportions based on the ISO-216 standard that defines the size of an A4 paper sheet. This mathematical property consists in dividing the surface lengthwise giving a surface half as large but with the same proportions.

From the designer: “With the sideboard “No. 216” I wanted to tell a story, to visualize something that we encounter every day but we seldom reflect on. In this case, the unique definition of the A-format as often used for paper sizes. The goal was to create a playful and at the same time convenient storage with its own expression. The cabinet as a whole is full A0, where the doors and compartments corresponding to the dimensions A1 down to A8.”

With doors in different shades of colours, body of ash veneer placed as it is on two trestles, the furniture becomes a playful whole that visualizes classic mathematics and yet flirts with the Nordic nature. Originally designed in shades of green, the cabinet has been enhanced with new colour of purple and white for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.


Photos © Jesper Ståhl

+ Via Jesper Ståhl and Swedish furniture companies AbstractaVoice

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