Sam Baron + Friends : designing for La Redoute


Born in France in 1976, Sam Baron graduated in design in 1999 from the École des Beaux Arts de Saint Etienne. Since 2006 he is the director of the design department at Fabrica.

After designing the Sam Baron pour La Redoute furniture collection last year, he invited for this new season 3 young designers – Guillaume Delvigne, Aurore Dumas and Margaux Keller – to create another exclusive collection, Sam Baron + Friends.

About (in French) – Sam Baron est diplômé de l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Saint-Etienne et de l’Ecole des Arts décoratifs de Paris. Il dirige le département Design de Fabrica depuis 2006. Cette saison, il invite 3 jeunes designers – Guillaume Delvigne, Aurore Dumas et Margaux Keller – à créer une collection exclusive pour La Redoute en réinterprétant des pièces emblématiques de la maison.

Le Scriban desk/console by Margaux Keller + via MocoLoco

Le Scriban desk/console by Margaux Keller / wall light by Guillaume Delvigne / stool by Sam Baron

L’applique (wall light) by Guillaume Delvigne

Lampe à poser (table lamp) by Guillaume Delvigne

Lampadaire (floor lamp) by Guillaume Delvigne

Table basse 3 plateaux (coffee table) by Guillaume Delvigne

Back to School – Réglisse (poster) by Aurore Dumas

Back to School – Meringue (poster) by Aurore Dumas

Back to School – Moelleux au Chocolat (poster) by Aurore Dumas

Ceramics by Margaux Keller / Furniture by Sam Baron

Vases by Margaux Keller

Grey Vase by Margaux Keller

Black Vase by Margaux Keller

Green Vase by Margaux Keller

Green Bowl by Margaux Keller

Photos © La Redoute

+ Via and shop the collection at La Redoute (available on June 26th)

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  • Jody Gardner
    6 years ago

    can you tell me where I can find the grey rug in the first image?

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