Amitrani : King coat rack

Italian designers Roberto and Stefano Truzzolillo, founders of design company Amitrani have sent me photos of  King – an harmonious organic-shaped coat (magazines!) rack using a particular construction technique with which it is possible to obtain double bended surfaces from planar pieces.

King is a coat rack, it is formed by eight shaped elements, in which each line and each cutting angle has a specific function. The thinner parts of the element allow it to be flexible, while the angled cuts on wide areas allow the pieces to fit together. The elements and its join faces only match if each single element is curved at a specific radius, taking advantage of the natural flexibility of the wood.

The final result is a unique structure particularly functional. In fact in addition to hanging jackets and accessories it is also possible to store a large quantity of magazines or other objects in the weave of its body. More, does not require hooks, joints, or heavy bases but it’s entirely made of birch plywood eco-friendly material with excellent mechanical qualities.

Photos © Amitrani

+ Via Amitrani

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