Atelier Haußmann : Selected Works

Rough, industrial-like, almost austere. Here is a selection of awesomely-scenographed furniture from the young Berlin-based design label Atelier Haußmann.

“More and more products appear on the market every day. Fashions and trends come and go. We don’t follow any fashions. Less is more. We try to do as little as possible when we work on our product design. It’s up to the product itself – its desire to be a bed, a hook or a table. We give it room to evolve, add some colour, perhaps another screw and tenderly care for it all the way to its final destination” – Atelier Haußmann.

Above – Sevenfeetup bed

Sevenfeetup bed

Sevenfeetup bed

Sevenfeetup bed

Lackaffe trestle designed by Julia Thesenfitz + Christian Wedekind

Lackaffe trestle

Lackaffe trestle + Herrenberger stool

Herrenberger stool by Atelier Haußmann

Herrenberger stool

Herrenberger stool

Detail – Herrenberger stool

Sevenfeetup bed

Youtoo wardrobe

Hama chair by Mark Braun

Hama low chair by Mark Braun

Poggibonsi shelves + Lackaffe trestle

Photos © Atelier Haußmann

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