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Samuel Accoceberry : LUXX Mirrors

As a tribute to the late 1960s neo-futuristic micro-architectures of Italian architecture firm Superstudio, French designer Samuel Accoceberry has imagined LUXX, a limited-edition series of 3 mirrors made ​​from polished steel elements, treated in 3 different colors (gold, copper, night) and assembled in 3-dimensional shapes.

These unique stellar-shaped pieces decompose the space into colorful and geometric structures, echoing Superstudio‘s utopian forms that were imagined for a city of tomorrow.

Micro-architectures néo-futuristes, elles sont un hommage aux principes du groupe Superstudio, dans le mouvement de l’Architecture Radicale italienne, de réécrire les codes de la Cité de demain sous des formes idéales et utopiques.

Ces pièces uniques aux formes stellaires sont réalisées à partir d’éléments en acier poli miroir qui sont traités de différentes couleurs (or, cuivre, nuit) et assemblés sur une structure en 3 dimensions. Ces objets décomposent ainsi les espaces en formes géométriques et colorées.

LUXX mirrors were exhibited during the Paris D’Days 2013, as part of a scenography made for the showroom of French design editor Marcel By.

Dimensions : large 130x125x15 cm, medium 78x70x15 cm, small 48x48x12 cm – Prices on request

Superstudio was an architecture firm, founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. Superstudio was one of major part of the Radical Architecture movement of the late 1960s.

Many of Superstudio projects were originally published in the magazine Casabella, and ranged from fiction, to storyboard illustration, and photomontage.


Photos © Samuel Accoceberry Studio

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