Studio Guilherme Torres : BT House

One more residential project by Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres who simply turns everything he designs into gold.

Located in São Paulo, BT House actually is the architect’s own home. Composed of an impressive and massive concrete monolith that floats on large brickwork blocks, the house is delicately dressed with an Eastern inspired moucharabieh wooden screen that allows air flow, light dimming and also serves as a security feature. As usual, the interior styling is simply impeccable.

Photos © Denilson Machado

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  • 8 years ago

    Hi Gul, I believe they are actually vintage. But you might want to contact his firm and get confirmation here :

  • Gul Gulan
    8 years ago

    Hello, i loved the dining chairs. Where can i find them, are they Architect Torres’ design?
    Thnks in advance.

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