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Papier Tigre - featured on - 030Paris-based Papier Tigre creates, manufactures and retails a seriously beautiful and expertly-made collection of design stationery, greeting cards and paper goods ‘to make your daily routine a little more beautiful, every day’. Not only are they cool, but they also ship worldwide !


Not just aesthetically pleasing, all Papier Tigre notebooks, calendars, letter sets and accessories are really smart too! The design is a special example of stationery avant-garde, made from a palette of novelty, functionality, wit and irony, rendered in beautiful colours and with the coolest typography.

419272_518464128180024_1430709641_nEverything is hand made from original designs on 100% recycled paper and certified sustainable card stock.


carnet-cardinalThe Knight notebookPapier Tigre - featured on - 028Papier Tigre - featured on - 023



The Valentine notebook / The Cardinal notebook / The Knight notebook







Papier Tigre X Tigersushi notebook / The Indians – 3 pocket notebooks, one ruled, one plain and one squared to note and draw


Papier Tigre - featured on - 031The Papier Temps destiny and The Papier Temps Modern perpetual wall calendars

The greengrocer calendarThe Greengrocer – Fruits and vegetables moving disk calendar

pli-facepli-shemaLe Pli-Postal Ready to fold letters writing pad (7,5 x 10 inches) made of 19 different original patterns and a folding guide

525557_548318095194627_1385885130_nLe Tri-Postal – 2 really different ready to fold boxes,to really sort things out.

Papier Tigre - featured on - 016Papier Tigre - featured on - 017Les Tri-Angles – 8 ready to fold boxes, 4 with a lid and 4 without to play hide-and-seek with your beloved objects

Papier Tigre - featured on - 018Papier Tigre - featured on - 014Les Tri-Angles

Papier Tigre - featured on - 027Papier Tigre - featured on - 025



















Hand embroidered jewellery – Papier Tigre X Macon & Lesquoy

Papier Tigre - featured on - 03Above  and below – Some cool re-interpretation of the Paper Tigre logo by Solovely [decoration]Sandrine Yvrenogeau / RODA Photos / Priscilla Dessaigne / Pierre Jouin / Pierre Alexis / Pat Rault / Marie Lepeu-Moreau / Marion Veauvy / Letizia Arrighi / Marlone d’Autriche.


Papier Tigre - featured on - 06 Papier Tigre - featured on - 07 Papier Tigre - featured on - 08Papier Tigre - featured on - 02






Papier Tigre - featured on - 05Papier Tigre - featured on - 09Papier Tigre - featured on - 011Papier Tigre - featured on - 029Papier Tigre - featured on - 010

Photos © Papier Tigre


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