Beppe Brancato :: 016Some inspirational shots by Italian-born photographer Beppe Brancato. His talented career supports collaborations with design and architecture studios, artists, magazines, and agencies of international prestige.

Beppe Brancato :: 018Beppe Brancato :: 011Beppe Brancato :: 012Beppe Brancato :: 013

Beppe Brancato :: 010Beppe Brancato :: 06Beppe Brancato :: 04Beppe Brancato :: 07Beppe Brancato :: 09Photos © Beppe Brancato


  • flodeau
    10 years ago

    Hello Elise, good question! I don’t know actually… It looks like it’s a vintage piece.

  • Elise
    10 years ago


    could you tell me what’s the brand of the white sofa ?
    It’s super nice.

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