Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comOctaevo is a Mediterranean stationery and miscellanea company based in Barcelona. Each of their products is infused with the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and sea sprays, and I absolutely love it.

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comNAVIGATOR NOTES – A notebook for the flowing inspiration with the ever-changing tides.

“As an independant Art Director and Graphic Designer at Studio Marcel Baer, I have always been obsessed with stationery products. There is something magical about writing for the first time in a blank notebook, thinking about the stories that will unfold on the paper. With the inherited passion for the sea, history, traveling and the Mediterranean, I wanted to create a new kind of stationery that combined all these elements.” – Marcel Baer, Octaevo Creative Director.

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comA YEAR OF SUN AGENDA – A sunny diary for a bright life that gets you organised  from sunrise to sunset.

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comA YEAR OF SUN AGENDA – Inside

Mediterranean Stationery by Octaevo 014A YEAR OF SUN AGENDA

Mediterranean Stationery by Octaevo 017RIVIERA BOOKMARK – Shaped like a pair of stylish ’60s sunglasses, a metal bookmark that makes you read the glamorous way.

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comMARBLE NOTES – 3 medium-format notebooks for informal sketching and storytelling

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comMARBLE NOTES

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comSEA SHORE ENVELOPES – Precious envelopes filled with the mysteries of the deep sea.

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comPHILOSOPHY NOTES – 3 handy pocket notes of Mediterranean cleverness for everyday moments.

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comPHILOSOPHY NOTES

Octaevo : Mediterranean Stationery | Flodeau.comLAVA TRAVEL TOTE – A volcanic and 100% organic bag to carry your treasures.

About – We are explorers, collectors and dreamers. We travel the Mediterranean in search of stories and transform them into beautifully-crafted and thoughtful goods. Each of our pieces is made to be held close and built to last. Designed to inspire. Produced in harmony with nature using the highest quality materials. We work exclusively with regional partners and support artisan workshops. Through collaborations with inspiring creatives, Octaevo serves as a platform to showcase Mediterranean talent. We lovingly ship our classic and bespoke collections to anywhere in the world. From the sea to the land, from the land to its people, our stories unfold in their own time. Make them your own.

Photos © Octaevo

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