Jolson : Whitehall Black House

Jolson : Whitehall Black House | Flodeau.comLocated in the Mornington Peninsula, south-east of Melbourne, Australia, Whitehall Black is a stunning rehabilitation project. Melbourne-based architectural studio Jolson managed to superbly transform an old farmhouse into an inspiring contemporary dwelling.

Jolson : Whitehall Black House |

About – Whitehall Black is the culmination of a complex and challenging brief to reconstruct a contemporary farmhouse around individual and odd remnant fragments of the pre-existing dwelling. Drawing inspiration and energy from our passionate clients, this project was an exploration into recycling materials and the history of the old farmhouse our clients had built with their hearts and hands. One brick fireplace, two bluestone walls, three timber trusses and a pool provided the impetus for the way forward.

The design borrows from the Australian rural tradition and is characterised by two stylised contemporary corrugated iron sheds. The black exterior recedes into the shadows of the landscape to contextually engage with the surroundings. Each volume is broken by courtyards to increase natural light and ventilation. The covered verandas protect the house from the harsh environment.

The white interior is a graphic canvas that gives space to the client’s eclectic furnishings. Doors and floors have been recycled and re-presented with honesty and depth and careful consideration.

Photos © Jean-Luc Laloux

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