Jahara Studio : Conterrâneos

Conterrâneos by Jahara Studio | Flodeau.comConterrâneos by Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara of Jahara Studio, a new collection of containers, trays, vessels and lamps made out of terracotta, brass and opal glass.  ‘Conterrâneos’ refers to those who share the same geographical identity, the same land and celebrates the values of rustic simplicity.

About – The compositions consist of a variety of clay pots and plates organized into unique lamps, fruit trays, a box, a candle holder, and a table planter. The objects are produced in São Paulo, Brazil at Jahara’s Studio, making every piece unique. 


The inspiration for using very natural materials, such as clay and glass, is intended to derive a primitive and rustic feel to everyday objects built to last. As the dry texture of clay contrasts with the smooth and delicate shades of opal glass, these totem-like shapes constitute functional containers for plants, fresh produce and light sources.

For the first series of this collection, unique prototypes will be displayed to the public as part of an ongoing production process that will select a few pieces to be developed and commercialized in a larger series, by Jahara Studio. Selected pieces are available on L’arcobaleno online design store curated by Ambra Meda. 

Photos © Alex Batista

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