Elisa Giovannoni for Tubes : Scaletta

Scaletta by Tubes | Flodeau.com // #radiator #heater #ladderWhen it comes to outstanding design radiators, my preference often goes for Italian label Tubes. This heating ‘ladder’ is called Scaletta – a new radiator concept intended mainly as heating but also as a sleek design object that can be easily placed in any room of the house.

Scaletta by Tubes | Flodeau.com // #radiator #heater #ladder“The image of a ladder resting against a wall brings to mind something new, human hard work, progress, bottom up movement and encompasses the opposing concepts of dynamism and immobility. It is a positive icon.” — Elisa Giovannoni

Scaletta by Tubes | Flodeau.com // #radiator #heater #ladderScaletta by Tubes | Flodeau.com // #radiator #heater #ladderScaletta by Tubes | Flodeau.com // #radiator #heater #ladderScaletta by Tubes | Flodeau.com // #radiator #heater #ladder

Scaletta by Tubes | Flodeau.com // #radiator #heater #ladder

About – With an electric power supply, Scaletta is made of aluminium and available in two versions: wall mounted and freestanding both of which come with a pulley which winds up the electric cable. Scaletta can be used with optional hooks and sponge holders. The floor version is equipped with a practical stand made in corian. It does not require installation giving you maximum freedom to position it in any room in the house and it lends itself to transfer to any new home bringing with it positive images of movement and progress.

Photos © Tubes

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