Le Château de la Resle

Le Chateau de la Resle | Flodeau.com

You have perhaps already come across some of these pictures on the web before in the past weeks. But I couldn’t resist showing you (maybe again) the remarkable interior design of Le Château de la Resle, a 17th-century manor located in village of Montigny, near Auxerre, France.

Dutch owners Johan Bouman and Pieter Franssens have transformed the château into a luxury 6-rooms/suites Bed & Breakfast, restaurant and spa with panoramic views of the valley of Montigny-la-Resle, in the winemaking region of Burgundy. Combining the old world with the new, the two enthusiastic contemporary art and design collectors have collaborated with their favorite Dutch designers to create a unique venue and offer exclusive products under their own design label to complement the hotel. Special mention and total love for the kitchen signed by Studio Roderick Vos and for the immaculate spiral staircase.

Photos © Le Château de la Resle

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