Anne Lehmann for Normann Copenhagen : Plus and Cube Bed Linen

Normann Copenhagen presents Plus and Cube, four beautifully minimalistic and graphical sets of bed linen, designed by Anne Lehmann.

As an alternative to the usual flowery designs or the big and colorful graphic patterns seen on a lot of bed linen, Plus and Cube consists of peacefully understated prints made up of pluses and squares. Plus has a repetitive pattern of pluses while the squares on Cube gradually fade completely away.

Made of satin weaved cotton with a soft and smooth quality, they come in a sandy, warm grey and a discrete nude.

Anne Lehmann explains: “Plus and Cube are specifically designed considering the bedroom as a unique space. For me, the bedroom should be a place where it is both peaceful and enjoyable to be. I prefer discreetly designed bed linen that doesn’t interfere with the decor. Both Plus and the Cube have repetitive patterns that have a simple and accommodating feel.

Photos © Normann Copenhagen

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  • 11 years ago

    Love those duvet covers from Normann Copenhagen. Especially the blue one.

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