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Yonder Magnetik : Snöbär Armchair

Just received photos of a lovely soft berry shaped seating… Snöbär is an armchair designed by architect Nataša Vukosavljević and self-taught creative Nebojša Gornjak, founders of design studio Yonder Magnetik.

Snöbär is the Swedish word for snowberry. Its name derivates from the plant of the same name. This is a play of word, shapes and materials. Its construction is made out of oak, hard and resistant wood, which contrasts soft berry seating shape.

Snöbär can go anywhere – from bedroom to a garden. It is smooth and velvety to touch. It’s all about comfort and mellowing down the stress. Custom made, this chair is available only in white.

YONDER MAGNETIK is a collaboration between an architect Nataša Vukosavljević and a self-taught creative Nebojša Gornjak, founded in the winter of 2009. Working in the field of design & architecture, inspired and provoked by a mixture of life, good humour and visual poetry we tend to balance between simplicity and functionality while developing new concepts of everyday usable objects, spaces and ideas. So far YONDER MAGNETIK has seen the light of the day on various design exhibitions and furniture fairs.

Photos © Yonder Magnetik


  • sara
    5 years ago

    we kindly need to know the prices and if u have cataalques to send us plz

  • 9 years ago

    Excellent this chair !

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