We Do Wood : Simple and Timeless Wooden Furniture

We Do Wood is a Danish furniture company established by the two furniture makers and designers Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen. Here is a glimpse of their simple and timeless collection, with a special mention for the bookcase and the kids’ furniture I’m particularly fond of.

Above – Komplett Lounge Chair and SJ Bookcase


SJ Bookcase – With a myriad of combinations and colors, from the rigorous to the more asymmetric expression, SJ Bookcase redefines the traditional bookcase.

Lilly’s Chairs and Geo’s Table for kids

Stacked Dining Chairs no. 1 and Lilly’s Chairs for kids

Lilly’s Chairs for kids

Geo’s Table for kids – is not only a beautiful and simple side table, it is also a functional children’s table with a large pull-out drawer, which can be used to stash paper, crayons and other favorite toys from both sides of the table.

Komplett Lounge Chair

Komplett Lounge Chair – a lounge chair of lightness and comfort. Komplett is made of bamboo and is a result of the designers ambition to combine simplicity and function with respect for nature. A chair with a great attitude.

Dining Table no. 1 and Correlations Bench

Scoreboard Coat Hanger – Detail

Scoreboard Coat Hanger – made from Bamboo or Ash tree, Scoreboard is a graphical coat hanger with a lot of possibilities. You can decorate it the way you want it. Scoreboard was designed to interact and diversify through countless possibilities. The boards can be used individually or be combined to create a multifunctional piece of furniture.

We Do Wood kitchen model by Garde Hvalsøe – for more, jump to my next post, here.

Photos © We Do Wood

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    Very nice ! I completely agree, wood is timeless!

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