French Pyrenees Spirit

Versant Edition |

Versant Edition is a new French brand born and based in the valley of Ossau, at the heart the Pyrenees mountains range. It draws its inspiration, its breath, its singularity from the valleys, the massifs and the peaks surrounding it. Their launching collection imagined by top-notch French designers and friends (POOL, Studio Brichet-Ziegler, Sylvain Willenz and Pierre Dubourg), embodies the soul of the people from that region, their dialect, the landscapes – the French Pyrenees spirit.

Can you feel a light morning breeze meandering through the mountains?

French Pyrenees - Versant Edition |

Bagneres coffee table by Versant Edition |

Versant Edition | Flodeau.comHaritz dining table and bench by POOL for Versant Edition |

Lutz table lamp by Pierre Dubourg for Versant Edition |
Lutz table lamp by Pierre Dubourg

Versant Edition |

Learn more about the brand and the furniture here.

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