Anna Kraitz : Babe coathanger

Pour l’éditeur Källemo, la jeune designer suédoise Anna Kraitz revisite le porte-manteaux perroquet d’autrefois et imagine Babe, un porte-manteaux faits de tiges de bois ou de métal cintré, retenues par d’épais ceinturons en cuir.

“Babe” coathanger

Material: metal, leather belt

Colour: copper, white, blue, red yellow

Photos © Källemo

+ Via Anna KraitzKällemo



  • flodeau
    13 years ago

    Hello Pamela, Thank you for posting your comment. I’m not sure I can answer all your technical questions, and my advice would be to directly contact the manufacturer. I am sure they’ll be best to advise you. Sorry about that. Best

  • Pamela Frost
    13 years ago

    i live in the usa and own three pieces of furniture from Kallemo and I’m very happy with them.
    I am interested in this “clothing tree” but I am concerned about its strength and balance when loaded
    up with coats. Can you give me more detailed information? How much does it way and does it stand up well when full of coats? What is the price as I might be interested in ordering more than one.
    Thank you for your time and attention,
    Pamela Frost 135 CPW., N.Y.C. 10023

  • isabelle monod
    13 years ago

    je n’ai jamais aimé le porte manteau perroquet, et ces jolis ceinturons ne changent rien à l’affaire !

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