Ontwerpduo : Forest Light

Le studio hollandais Ontwerpduo a imaginé Forest Light, un système d’éclairage aux possibilités infinies. Composé de differents éléments que l’on assemble, le système se ramifie et court le long des plafonds et des murs telles des lianes rampantes.

About :  “Forest light is a new system for ceiling lights. The possibilities are unlimited. The design consists out of different parts, which can be connected at the ceiling. Step by step the light system is overgrowing the ceiling as it were. It is possible to get one ore much more light points exactly where you want them. Also a wall light is possible. Obstacles or height differences are beautiful to use with these lights.”

Material: coated aluminium, copper and PU
Photo © Marly Gommans

+ Via Ontwerpduonacionaldesign


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