Edition of Nine : exhibition

Curated and organized by Something GoodEdition of Nine is a project that places emphasis on the design process, focusing on the encounter and rich exchange of ideas between artisans and designers.

Each designer is paired with a craftsmen specialised in one material. Marble, wood, ceramic or cast iron, are just some of the materials to play with. After the success of last year’s project Edition of Six, brand new objects of a limited series will be on show, introducing new fields of collaboration and experimentation.

Works include finely hand made collection of objects by Giorgio Biscaro, Paolo Cappello, Valentina Carretta, Oscar Diaz, Takuya Matsuda, Pedrita, Leonardo Talarico, Zaven and Matteo Zorzenoni.

Sable lamp (a table lamp entirely made in cast iron, very heavy says Giorgio!) – Design by Giorgio Biscaro, crafted by Fonderia Dal Bianco.

Aro stool – Design by Oscar Diaz, crafted by La Veneta.

Out boxes – Design by Pedrita, crafted by Nico Toniolo and Sartori Mar.

Torcia oil lamps – Design by Zaven, crafted by Fonderia Dal Bianco.

Egola table lamp – Design by Valentina Carretta, crafted by Nico Toniolo and Vanzo Ferro Battuto.

Comari vases – Design by Paolo Cappello, crafted by Pietro Viero.

High Noon mirror – Design by Takuya Matsuda, crafted by Sartori Marmi and Vanzo Ferro Battuto.

NeigeDesign by Leonardo Talarico, crafted by Pietro Viero.

Conica side tables – Design by Matteo Zorzenoni, crafted by La Veneta and Vanzo Ferro Battuto.

Edition of Nine :
From 17 until 22/04/2012
Ventura Lambrate 2012
Via Massimiano 23,
20134 Milan, Italy

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1 Comment

  • Prof Z
    12 years ago

    J’aime beaucoup la lampe presse papier de Biscaro
    Le miroir a led / laide en français ( qu’il n’a pas à l’arrière une idée pour Fontana) de Takuya Matsuda
    La table qui s’ouvrirait comme une boîte de Matteo Zorzenoni et qui pourrait éclairer en changeant de couleurs (Spy Werner Panton)une idée pour Fontana?
    La Lampe de table porte crayons de Valentina Carretta,

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