Simon Busse : Orbita ceiling lamp

Orbita est une suspension, fruit de la première collaboration entre le designer allemand Simon Busse originaire de Stuttgart et le fabriquant espagnol de luminaires Almerich. Comme placées en orbit autour de l’ampoule, 16 ailettes en aluminium sont assemblées entre elles pour former l’abat-jour.

About : “Applying high-tech sheet steel laser cutting for the production of a luminaire, which is nevertheless characterised by a plain construction, was the starting point for Orbita. The lampshade consists of 16 identical elements, which are without the use of tools inserted into a centrally positioned ring holding the central illuminant. Due to the folded edges, the elements achieve a very high stability and require only minimal material input. Despite its seemingly complex body, Orbita is characterised by both lightness and a clean structure.”


From the designer : “Like in orbit, 16 fins encircle the centrally positioned illuminant of the lamp. The seemingly architectural arrangement of the elements and their distinct form create two unique lighting qualities: downwards, Orbita emits clear, direct light, whilst indirect upward light is refracted by the fins, thereby projecting geometrically precise patterns onto the ceiling. The 16 elements of this orbit are formed with lasercut steel sheets and mounted onto a ring holding the central lamp.”

Photos © Studio Simon Busse

Thank you Simon for this submission.

+ Via Studio Simon Busse & Almerich


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