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Stal Collectief : Zwol light + Koala hammock

Belgian design group Stal Collectief have send me their latest projects :  the Zwol pendant lamp and the Koala 45, an over-sized hammock offering you an unusual meeting place. This wooden structure, held togheter by 12 bolts, can carry up to 8 persons. It’s the perfect place for open-air conversations and relaxing.

Zwol is a pendant lamp which is based on a standard trouble lamp. The body of Zwol is made out of “acrylic one”, its made by hand in a silicone mold. The body is finished off and partially protected by a laser cut, birch plywood cage.

Photos © Stal Collectief

+ Also check out Mich stool and Eliz lamp by Stal Collectief previously featured on flodeau.

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  • 10 years ago

    Oh c’est génial, tellement cosy !!!! J’adore ces lampes aussi que j’avais shoppées chez Merci à Paris pour ma cuisine

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