Taidgh O’Neill : Boyle Height shelf

Series of book shelves by LA based artist Taidgh O’Neill – discovered during My NYC Wanderings at Tribeca gallery Espasso that specializes in modern and contemporary Brazilian furniture.

The Boyle Height shelves are inspired by the fractured city landscape of Los Angeles. They take cues especially from un-permitted residential renovation and the do-it-yourself engineering that often characterize such structures.


Taidgh O’Neill is an LA based artist. Taidgh has developed a range of furniture that draws on a long standing tradition of artists such as Francis Bacon and Donald Judd responding to needs not met by traditional designers. Straddling fine art, construction and design, Taidgh exemplifies the need for expanded fields of practice, and cross disciplinary creativity.

Photos © Taidgh O’Neill + Florence Deau @Espasso (first image)

+ Via and buy them at Espasso


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  • 11 years ago

    great ideas am doing a project like these u have given me some good ideas to start with thanks

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