Kevin Low : Dog Concrete House

Kevin Low‘s Dog Concrete House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (or the story of finding beauty in the beast..).

About : “Originally intended as a house of sharp lines and clean finishes, a sad comedy of errors left the project with a concrete structure so badly formed, an entirely new concept for its being had to be figured out. And the dogconcrete house was born.”

To effect savings precipitated by construction inaccuracy, the idea of leaving exterior walls without render began the narrative of dogconcrete: the offending casts and selected walls became a raw shell which cocooned the glazed surfaces and painted walls of its public face.”

“The house relies on the paradigm of shock contrast to have unforgivable contracting work for aesthetics: working with unfinish as hip, and ugly as character-filled, the simply awful ceiling slabs and butt-ugly outer wall of the house were a stab at finding beauty in the beast.”

All photos © Rick Rochowski Photography

+ Via Kevin Low


  • 8 years ago

    hello, please address to the architect directly as i don’t know :)

  • Ng Yimian
    8 years ago

    I’m architecture student and I need to find a functionalist building in Malaysia to complete my term paper, and I choose the Dog Concrete House.
    May I get the address for dog concrete house by Kevin Low?

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