Dale Hardiman : Kids Straw Stool

Le jeune designer australien Dale Hardiman a conçu un tabouret pour enfant entièrement biodégradable dans la nature en 5 à 6 semaines. Fait à base de blé, de paille de pois et de semences d’herbe, il peut germer et contribuer à l’écosystème de la terre.

Kids Straw Stool – Wheat based plastic with pea straw and grass seeds, 100% biodegradable

About : Cook, Sit, Bio-Degrade, Grow. The Kids Straw Stool is made from a completely biodegradable material. Once it reaches end of life, it can be placed into nature and bio-degrade, and not only bio-degrade but also being made from Pea Straw and grass seeds, it will grow and help to promote health in the land, biodegrading in 5-6 weeks.

As population increases, children’s furniture will also increase, by being able to use standard cooking utensils and cook your children’s furniture in the house removes all transport, waste material, and the entire life-cycle of the product will stay within the single location. The user itself would need to cook and create the stool themselves, building a relationship with the product, hopefully promoting longevity until it’s intended life-span and also involving the child from a very young age at creating something and also teaching them about awareness of the environment around them.

+ Via Lab De StuDale Hardiman

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