Doug Johnston : Two Stools

Born in 1979 in the west Texas desert and raised in Tulsa, OK, designer Doug Johnston lives and works in New York City. His Two Stools utilize an old crafting technique in which rope or cord is coiled and stitched to forms bowls and baskets. The technique is itself based on the ancient method of making ceramic coiled pots as well as coiled basketry. The baskets are then filled with a flexible casting foam.

Two stools are made by stitching coiled cotton rope with a durable nylon thread into large basket shapes.

Using raw 100% cotton braided cord, often called sash cord, and colored sewing thread, they are individually sewn on an industrial zig-zag sewing machine without the use of forms or molds.

Photos © Michael Popp

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  • 11 years ago

    The natural white cotton braided cord interwoven with colorful nylon gives this product a unique design along with an incredibly exquisite yet rustic look.

    Cotton braided cord comes in various designs/shapes which can be customized for making a wide range of fashionable applications such as sofa cushions, bags, belts, shoes and many others.

    For more information on braided ropes, please visit: or follow @GJRopes on Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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