The Water Monopoly : retro baths

Looking for a spectacular yet faithful retro bath reproduction ? Then have a look at this selection from the fine collection presented by London based company The Water Monopoly.

Jennings bath (above) “Reproduction of a late 19th century English embossed double ended cast iron bath with luxurious wooden roll. Originally manufactured by George Jennings, one of the finest sanitary engineers of his time. It is cast in England from recycled brake discs, and is available painted, polished or patinated.”

Paris bath with feet
“The Paris bath is a faithful reproduction of an early twentieth century French fireclay bath made from Vitrite™, a stone and mineral composite that is as close to the look and feeling of the original, without the weight.”

Paris bath without feet

Lonsdale bath
“Reproduction of an early 20th century American large double ended bath tub. Each bath is manufactured from recycled brake discs. This photograph shows a polished and lacquered iron exterior.”

Jacob Delafon bath
“Reproduction of a turn of the century French cast ion bath with luxurious wooden roll. Originally manufactured by Jacob Delafon, a very well known French Brand of its time. It is cast from recycled discs in England. Shown painted with blue lines (similar to original).”

Deco bath
“Original French single ended Deco fireclay tub. One can pair this with the Deco double or single basin to achieve a beautiful Art Deco bathroom.”

Bateau bath
“Reproduction of late 19th century French double ended bath, individually cast in iron from recycled brake discs. The photograph shows the bath with polished and lacquered exterior.”

Copper bath with thick roll
“Original French double ended copper bath with large roll; polished and lacquered interior and exterior, Circa 1880.”

+ Via and more info on The Water Monopoly


  • Susan Thompson
    11 years ago

    Very impressive!
    Have you got a price for the bateau bath with shower? A width measurement would be helpful.
    I would be very interested. Am re planning an ensuite.
    Many thanks

  • 12 years ago

    Really nice range of double ended – free standing baths, I’m a fan of the Paris bath with feet. A very solid contemporary look

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