Dik Scheepers : UnPølished

UnPølished by Dutch designer Dik Scheepers is an astonishing experimental furniture collection made of whitewood and papercrete, a low cost, versatile and light weighted material usually used in building constructions.

About :  “I came across the material papercrete on the internet and I became interested because it seemed so simple to make. In essence you only need paper and cement, mix it together and you have your own made material.”

“I was surprised to learn that it is already used a lot, but it seemed to me that everyone did the same thing, making blocks and building houses out of it. I wanted to know what I could do with the material, so I started with my own experiments.”

“Papercrete is still an experimental material, it is low cost, versatile, light weighted, has a very nice tactility. But it has for instance bad pouring conditions and takes a very long time to dry. For me Unpølished is about experiment. Wanting to make without concerning about existing rules and if some mistakes occur I do not mind, because they provide the character.”

Toegepast 16 “Les Nouveaux” Z33 exhibition – photo © Kristof Vrancken

Toegepast 16 “Les Nouveaux” Z33 exhibition – photo © Kristof VranckenToegepast 16 “Les Nouveaux” Z33 exhibition – photo © Kristof Vrancken

+ Via Dik Scheepers + Toegepast 16 “Les Nouveaux” Z33 exhibition


  • Prof Z
    12 years ago

    Le materiau est Papercrete et non beton ?

  • 12 years ago

    Très intéressant ce mélange de matériaux, très sensible, surtout allié à une structure en bois aux formes arrondies qui contraste avec la dureté de ce béton.

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