STAL collectief : Mich and Eliz

They are four, they are young, they are from Belgium and they are looking for manufacturers !

Stal Collectief is a collaboration between designers Len de Paepe, Bob Segers, Tim Vranken and Jonas Blondeel. Here are two of their creations : Mich and Eliz, a stool and a lamp. Congrats on the scenography, really like it.

Mich stool

The Mich stool is a piece of flat pack furniture. The shape is based on a traditional milking stool. This stool consists of 4 separate parts, that are laser cut out of birch plywood. One plate (122 by 244 cm) transforms into 12 stools.

Each part is treated with colorless oil, which fixates the burned laser-residue on the side of each part. Legs, seat and a finishing felt-sheet are “sewn” together.

At the base of the stool the legs are slightly spread to create a more elegant form, also adding more stability. Mich is more than a single sitting object but can also be used, for example, around the dinner table.

Eliz lamp

The lamp Eliz forms a contrast between the elegant base and the large felt hood that seems to float above it. This adjustable lamp creates an intimate space and ensures a pleasant light zone and can be used in living room, waiting rooms, restaurants or as event furniture.

The frame structure consists of birch plywood and is supported by a thin metal base. The synthetic felt can be replaced by veneer or a plexiglass cover for outdoor use.

Eliz Petite lamp

“The lamp Eliz Petite is the little sister of the big Elize Lamp. The wooden frame structure is supported by a thin metal base. The synthetic felt gives the lamp a soft touch.”

Photos © STAL collectief

+ Via STAL collectief

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