Christian Vivanco : Mateo the bear

Submitted by Mexican designer Christian VivancoMateo the bear borrows childhood  emotional values and bring them to your everyday activities in the shape of a unique and cute pencil holder.

Handmade by Mexican artisans, his leather arms and legs are articulated, so you can play and have fun with it for hours and hours !

The manufacturing process and selected materials are directly related to its historical tradition, without losing sight of the functional needs of this typology. Mateo is made from sheep leather, soft and smooth.

About : A teddy bear is always present in our oldest memories. Its ancestral history and various interpretations over time have created an object that transcends its childlike nature and has become part of our most treasured memories.

Photos © Christian Vivanco

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Ps. You may want to have a look at Christian Vivanco’s blog For Breakfast, it’s really nice.

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