Studio Tricolore : Emmaüs in Lescar Pau

Emmaüs is an international charitable movement founded in France in 1949 by the priest Abbé Pierre to combat poverty and homelessness. In Lescar Pau (Atlantic Pyrenees, France), The Emmaüs community asked Bordeaux based designers Damien Auriault & Yann Le Dluz, founders of Studio Tricolore, to improve their building’s visibility along a newly constructed motorway.

About : “The construction of the interchange of the new motorway linking Bordeaux to Pau took place near the community. The companions of the community have decided to use this location to improve their visibility.”

“We were therefore entrusted the design and the realization of a painted sign with an area of ​​3,5 m x 20 m. We have chosen, through each letter of the logo, to represent a facet of the alternatives proposed by the community. “E” for ecology, “M” for diversity, “M” for movement, “A” alternative, “U” Utopia, and finally “S” for solidarity. This work was made ​​entirely by hand, like letters painter of the early century.”

Photos © Ronan Guitton

+ Via Studio Tricolore

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